1. Dealers

1.1 How do I join/register to your platform?

Simply visit https://chaguamoti.co.ke/ and register. Upon our approval, you will be whitelisted to use the platform to advertise your cars, manage them and sell them for free and easily through financing through us.

1.2 Can I upload car photos myself?

Yes, you can upload the cars yourself at the comfort of your home/office or you can be assisted by one of our representatives.

1.3 How do we benefit from joining the platform?

  • Free car listing
  • Flexible financing for customers
  • Healthy cashflow
  • Financing as dealers to import cars for resale
  • Networking to our heavy traffic of website visitors

1.4 Who can I contact in case of any queries?

You can contact our customer service lines: 0700 491 491 or 0709147000 or through our company email [email protected]

1.5 How many cars can I list at any given time?

You can list as many cars as possible. We don’t have any limit in this regard.

2. Buyers

2.1 How do you tell if a car from the website is legit?

  • Ensure you get the logbook details to do a personal search on the NTSA report for comparison.
  • Logbook details to compare: The chassis number of the vehicle and the engine size
  • If possible, view the car and ensure you have verified the information before doing any transactions.
  • It is advisable to pay the money to either the company indicated on the logbook or the person’s account indicated on the logbook
  • Whether getting the car from a showroom or personal dealer, be accompanied by a person who has a good understanding of cars.

2.2 How do you prevent a client from being scammed through your website?

We vet our dealers and ensure cars listed are legit.

2.3 What if I need financing?

We issue financing to interested parties with very friendly interest rates and flexible repayment periods.

2.4 What do I do if I can’t get a car from the website?

You can contact our customer service lines: 0709147000 or [email protected]

Dealer Registration